Sample workflow breakdowns from my Vimeo page

"Sick Sun" concept piece breakdown Paper sketch - Photoshop and 3D (Arnold / Vue / Keyshot) Music: Michael McCann Some 3D assets modeled by Vitaly Bulgarov

Breakdown of some concept art / illustrations i created, exploring mood atmosphere and lighting of those foggy and mysterious London streets the Ripper wandered freely.

"Sundays" - directed by Mischa Rozema Production - Postpanic Amsterdam Role - Matte Painting Art Direction - Production Matte Painting Music - Anamog I worked on Concepts / Matte Painting / 3D Paintovers and various embellishment that were eventually tweaked and finalized by Postpanic team.

"Ripper Street" Final shots compositing by Screen Scene Role - Matte Painter Music - Martin Phipps Hans Zimmer Sample of 2D / 3D environment work i did for Season 4. Final compositing and VFX by Screen Scene

"The Frankenstein Chronicles" - ITV Encore VFX / Final Compositing - Screen Scene Dublin Role - Matte Painter Music - Abel Korzeniowsky Sample of 2D Matte Painting work i did for the Series in 2015. Final compositing and VFX by Screen Scene

Far from my daily job comfort zone as a Matte Painter and as a challenge and refreshing learning experience, i test a 2D / 3D workflow creating a cliche' Cyborg face little concept, combining Maya / Arnold for main skin shading / lighting and Keyshot for some extra passes, cooking all in Photoshop. Face model by Ten24 Mech Kitbash by Nick Govacko